6 Places To Visit On A Trip To Karnataka

Trip To KarnatakaA place which has got a lot to offer is Karnataka. One visit to this place is sure to enchant you and fill you with a lifetime of memories. There is more to this place than meets the eye. Filled with a lot of history, you get to learn a lot about the past of the place.

The wonderful mix of nature, beaches, historic ruins and temples make for an ideal tourist destination. You will be blown away by the beauty of the place if you happen to visit it during the peak of tourist season. Here are 6 places in Karnataka you must visit on your next trip.

  • 1.      Hampi 

Once the capital of the ancient kingdom of Vijayanagar, Hampi is the place where you will find a lot of historical ruins and temples.You will be stunned to see the excellence of ancient architecture and building construction. All the ruins in Hampi date back to 14th century and they are spread over 25 kilometers in diameter.

It is enjoyable if you take a bicycle ride through the place. Be prepared to fall in love and be transported to the ancient world instantly. Use redbus coupons to reach the place from nearby cities. By doing so, you will save some money as discounts.

  • 2.      Mysore 

Impressive for its royal heritage, Mysore is a crowd puller with the beautiful Mysore Palace. The palace was once the seat of the rulers of Mysore. There are many more buildings and places of interest to visit here.

Sandalwoods are famous in the place and you must definitely shop for it before you leave the city. Also make it a point to give the zoo a visit. You will love it for sure!

  • 3.      Coorg 

A haven for nature lovers, Coorg is a mountainous region in southern Karnataka which is famous for the picturesque surroundings. The place is near major cities like Bangalore and Mysore. The coffee estates here are a wonderful place to visit with good scenic beauty.

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  • 4.      Bangalore 

A place to be never missed in Karnataka is its capital, Bangalore. Also called the “Silicon Valley of India”, the place is a busy IT hub with a booming business. Also, a major hub for startups, Bangalore has a vibrant atmosphere with a lot of greenery.

There are interesting buildings and beautiful temples which must be visited here. You can take cabs for a ride around the city since the traffic is hectic during peak hours.

  • 5.      Gokarna 

One of the most remote places in Karnataka, Gokarna has beautiful beaches which attracts tourists from all over the world. This secluded place is ideal for a peaceful getaway and to escape the hectic daily life.

You can spend the days completely unworried of the daily life. Get a feel of the ancient Goa when you are in the place. It fills you with so much peace. Visit it and you will never feel like going back home!

  • 6.      Murudeshwar 

The place where you can see the second tallest statue of Lord Shiva, Murudeshwar is completely enchanting with temples and breathtaking coastal views. A visit to the temples here can give a spiritual lift while making you feel energetic.

The scenic beauty of the place goes well with the temples and the big Lord Shiva statue. Don’t forget to visit the tall tower in the temple complex here.